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Concert Tips

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 Photo Day- Mon 5th - Sun 11th September
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How to do a Ballet Bun

What will you need:

Hair Brush                            Hairspray/Gel                         Hair Tie                          Fringe Pins                               Bun Net                               Bobby Pins

Hair Brush.jpg
Hair Ties.jpg
Fringe Pins.jpg
Bun Net.jpg
Bobby Pins.jpg
Top Tip: Don't wash your child's hair beforehand, unwashed hair is easier to put into a bun than clean hair.

Hairspray and brush hair into a sleek, high ponytail without a part. Please use a neutral coloured hair tie, not a bright colour.

Bun step 1.jpg

Twist the ponytail and begin looping around pinning with fringe pins as you go.

Bun step 2.jpg
Bun step 3.jpg

As you are pinning, make sure that the bun is as flat to the head as possible.

Bun step 4.jpg
Wrap the bun net around to secure the hair and pin in place using fringe pins.
Bun step 5.jpg
Hairspray/gel the hair one last time. Bobby pins can be used to pin back stubborn bits of hair.
Bun step 6.jpg
The bun should be nice & flat and should sit level with the top of the head.
Bun step 7.jpg