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Welcome to TAP @ Dundas

​We offer classes in:


Classical Ballet ~ Jazz ~ Hip Hop ~ Tap ~ Contemporary ~ Kinder Ballet/Tiny Tappers 

-Adult Classes-

Adult Beginner Tap

Always wanted to learn Tap but thought you'd left it too late??.... Noooo!! It's never too late. Our Adult Beginner Tap class consists of a warm-up, travelling steps, small combinations and a simple routine. Come along and give it a go.

Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm   ~   $15 per class OR $120 per term


Contact Us About Tap Classes:

Thank you for expressing your interest, we'll be in contact soon! Please add to your email contacts

-Classical Ballet-

Starting from our pre-school aged students and going right through to Advanced, ballet offers our dancers a great foundation for most other styles. Working on the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet, students will develop better technique, strength, posture, flexibility and all round dance quality.

-Jazz & Hip Hop-

In Jazz & Hip Hop classes, students participate in exercises that will help improve flexibility, coordination and broaden their spectrum of dance with the need for individuality and personal style. Hip Hop students also have the opportunity to participate in exams through Australian Teachers Of Dancing.


The percussive style of dance, Tap concentrates of building coordination, counting skills and foot & ankle strength that all dancers can benefit from. In the Australian Teachers Of Dancing Tap system of training, students will learn numerous exercises and combinations, practice teamwork skills as they learn to tap in unison and build greater confidence when demonstrating alone as they work to discover their own personal 'sound'!


A more modern style of dance, Contemporary allows students to express themselves through the art of dance. In classes, students learn different ways to interpret a story through their bodies, improve flexibility, gain strength and build on their artistry by allowing the body to step outside the boundaries of classical ballet in a free and interpretive way.
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