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Kinder Ballet/Dance Play                               
The little ones will always have something fun to do at TAP @ Dundas. With more and more children getting involved with dance early on, these younger classes give them the opportunity to sharpen their musical skills and have fun while learning. Based around classical ballet, the Kinder Ballet class uses a variety of props and familiar music to introduce them to dance.
Classical Ballet      

Our ballet classes teach the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet from grades pre-primary through to Advanced. Students are taught exercises from their syllabus on the barre and in the centre working on technique, strengthening, posture, flexibility and all round dance quality. This will all help towards an upcoming competition or exam. With these classes comes the opportunity for pointe work for the older, more advanced students. We also encourage older students to become student helpers for the younger ones. Ballet is the foundation for most other dance styles and is a perfect starting point in any dancer's career.

Jazz or Hip Hop
In these classes, students participate in exercises that will help improve flexibility and broaden their spectrum of dance with the need for individuality and personal style. Jazz is often used in Broadway musicals and is a very fun class for people of all ages. Hip Hop introduces modern forms of dance and changes the way the students move their bodies and enhances individual creativity. With high energy music and a fun and fit atmosphere, everyone will benefit from Jazz or Hip Hop.

TAP @ Dundas uses the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Tap system of training. Tap classes are very percussive, with the students learning to dance especially with their feet. Shoes with metal plates on the soles prove to be a lot of fun and noise. Kids and adults of all ages will love this style of dance. Often fast, Tap uses fierce foot movements and concentrates on building counting skills and foot and ankle strength that all dancers can benefit from.

A fairly new style of dance, Contemporary consists of modern movement combined with strength, flow, control and is an overall different style. In classes, students learn different ways to interpret a story through their bodies, gain flexibility and core strength. Contemporary is free in movement and allows the body to go outside the boundaries of classical ballet, using gravity to its advantage.



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